‘Labelled Human’ song & music video launching on May 25th 2020!

11am (EAT), 25th May 2020: (ONLINE) 

Nairobi Design Week premieres the ‘one-shot’ music video called “Labelled Human”, a collaboration with an eclectic group of young musicians: Clef & BandanaBakhitaSogallo and Calebwith production by Phinoshey.

‘Labelled Human’ is a movement that unites humans through our differences and similarities. #LabelledHuman invites us all to share what we’ve been labelled, providing a platform for release and further understanding of those around us.

People from all walks of life came together under the theme ‘Design is for Everyone’ for a week of jam sessions, mural painting and design activities during Nairobi Design Week 2020. The music video showcases the basketball court restoration, murals, community exhibition, ‘The Urban Residency’, and accessibility features created during the festival. The project will be published in its entirety as a case study called ‘Paint The Court’, to inspire other communities to collaborate and create impact.

The entire video is one continuous shot from start to finish.

“I want people to make this a global anthem… feel the lyrics coz the artists were singing from the soul.”
Phinoshey, Producer

“I hope people appreciate it as much as we loved making it!”
Rango, Director

“There’s such power in creatives coming together.”
Naitiemu, Art Director

Ways To Get Involved:

#Labelledhuman Challenge: How Will You Reveal Your Labels?

Remixes (Stems To Be Released)

Make your own covers of the song & video

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